• Matasawalevu, Dreketi, Vanua Levu

    Wet bean model & Central Fermenation and drying

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    Dreketi, Vanua Levu

    Providing opportunities in rural areas with high unemployment and high poverty

    The Matasawalevu Project was one of the largest and most successfull producing approx 100 MT before the decline of the industry by 1987. Cacaofiji maintains some of the blocks whilst working with small holder farmers in the Noth.

    At the height of the market, Fiji had over 3000 farmers and approx 3000 hectares of cocoa farms. Some of these were major projects whilst others were small holder cocoa farmers.

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    Smallholder cocoa farmers

    Reviving Fiji's cocoa industry , One farmer at a time

    We have providing market access to all existing cocoa farmers as well as renewing interest in new ones whose fathers and grandfathers were cocoa farmers.

    Cacaofiji is looking to increase the farmer base in the Northern Fiji to 500 cocoa farmers.