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    Quality cacao beans for craft chocolate makers of the world

    How we began?

    Cacao Fiji Ltd began operations in the Fiji Islands in 2014. The company is involved in the farming, processing and exporting cocoa beans for craft chocolate. We place high emphasis on quality at every aspect of our production. Cacao Fiji Ltd also works with network of cocoa farmers throughout the Fiji Islands. We pride ourselves as leading the change in the revival Fiji cocoa industry We take our inspiration from the craft chocolate community for changing the chocolate market and contributing to a revival of cocoa farming in Fiji and new origins.

    Our Story

    In 2012, Arif met several farmers on Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu, who were “passionate about cocoa farming” but struggled to find markets for their products. The distinctive flavor profile imparted by Fiji’s terroir was unique and impressive after tasting a bar made of Fiji beans. These events inspired him to move back to his home country and make it his mission to help revive Fiji’s cacao industry.

    Our Flavor Notes

    "The aroma is of raisins. That deeply sweet impression of dried fruits and vanilla. There are the deep low toned fruits, not the bright acidity ones. There is also a crème brule caramelization that is a sharp tangy shot to the senses.

    The flavor has that same crème brule depth of flavor. Various nuts are present. Soft and round flavored ones like cashew and macadamia nuts. Raisins are again present in the taste along with the huge lingering mouth feel and intense chocolate. May well be the best Forastero I’ve ever had. It has virtually everything I love about chocolate rolled into one".

    The Alchemist

    South Pacific Cacao

    In 2023, the organization embarked on sourcing cacao from South Pacific countries and delivering flavorful cacao to the craft chocolate market. The beans will be source form PNG, Solomons and Vanuatu .



    Cacao Fiji beans

    Cacao Fiji beans

    Quality Fiji cacao beans for craft chocolate makers of the world.Centralized fermentary and drying facility. Fresh cacao is loaded into 4-tier hardwood fermentation boxes and closely monitored for 5-6 days with daily bean rotation. Fully fermented cacao is dried on decks for approximately 1 week. Each batch is raked regularly each day and hand sorted into GrainPro sealed bags for export.

    Email info@cacaofiji.com for pricing
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    Cacao Fiji  Nibs

    Cacao Fiji Nibs

    $15.00 - $20.00
    About the product
    • CacaoFIJI Nibs is a superfood that you will truly enjoy. This healthy treat can help satisfy your chocolate cravings and give you powerful nutrients all at the same time.
    • Try our Cacao Nibs in smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, baked goods, ice-cream, trail mix, snack food, or as a chocolate chip alternative.
    • A nutrient dense energy boost! Cacao Nibs contain high amounts of theobromine which has similar effects to caffeine for healthy jump during your day!

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    2015 International Cocoa Awards - Best 50 samples



  • Bean Profile

    Dreketi, Vanua Levu

    Matasawalevu Cocoa Project


    The Matasawalevu Cocoa Farm is located in Dreketi, Macuata, in the hills of Northern Fiji, 16°33’ S Latitude and 178°52’ E Longitude. It is located in Vanua Levu, the secound largest island of Fiji. It is one of the larger cacao farms in Fiji and started operations around 1979. The farm once covered an area of 400 acres but at present consists of approximately 100 acres of Forestero Amelonado cacao. The Matasawalevu farm has a well established reputation of producing quality cocoa and post-harvest processing operations closely follow traditional techniques.


    History of Fiji Cocoa Industry

    Cocoa was introduced in Fiji in 1880 by the British with several varieties Trinitario from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and Trinidad . The modern day development of the industry was initiated in 1960's when the government made efforts to establish cacao as a smallholder crop to be interplanted with coconut. The Amelando variety was introduced as it proved to be relatively disease resistant. Although the government efforts and increased prices resulted in an upswing in the industry during the second half of the 60's, exports lingered at insignificant levels until the mid 70's and did not take off considerably until the early 1980's as world prices increased.

    Following independence, there was a large government led cocoa expansion program based on Amelonado variety. Fijian cocoa production remained fairly constant during the 80's and peaked at all time high of 468 tonnes in 1987. The industry demised following the military coup of 1987.


    Country: Fiji Islands, South Pacific


    Origin: Matasawalevu, Dreketi.


    Province: Macuata


    Nearest Towns: Labasa, Savusavu


    Varietal Composition: Highly flavored Forestero Amelonado


    Terroir: Located in Northern Fiji, on a hilly farm, with an ideal microclimate for cultivating cocoa


    Harvest: Mid-March-May / October- December

    Fermentation Method: Four Tiered hardwood box fermentation


    Drying style: Sun dry


    Bean count: 87 beans per 100 grams


    Process: Centralized fermentary and drying facility. Fresh cacao is loaded into 3-tier hardwood fermentation boxes and closely monitored for 5-7 days with daily bean rotation. Fully fermented cacao is dried on decks for approximately 1 week. Each batch is raked regularly each day and hand sorted into GrainPro sealed bags for export.



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    Our harvest is ongoing throughout the year but our main harvest is around April May and from October to November

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    Fresh cacao is loaded into 4-tier hardwood fermentation boxes and closely monitored for 5-7 days.

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    The beans are dried on platforms under the sun until they reach 7% humidity or below.

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    The beans are carefully hand-sorted sorted to discard damaged, double, small and flat beans. Beans are stored in a warehouse in jute bags.


    We are an export based company

    How do I request samples ?

    Our 1kg samples are free to registered wholesale buyers and chocolate makers. but we request that you pay for shipping costs due to our location. Request sample with your address online or email info@cacaofiji.com

    What quantity can I order ?

    We sell in quantities ranging from 5 KG to 12.5 metric tons (a full 20' container). 5 KG (15 lb.) orders can be placed and paid for directly via our website. For larger orders, please contact us via the Wholesale page or send us an email at info@cacaofiji.com.

    How do you ship wholesale orders ?

    Wholesale orders are shipped from the farm to Suva and thereafter shipped to the client or Oakland depending on arrangement. Please contact us for a custom freight quote. We palletize and shrink wrap all freight orders. Clients will need to arrange for a pickup from our warehouse in Oakland, CA. For large orders , we can arrange shipment directly from the farm.

    Can I visit the farm?

    Our clients are welcome to visit the farm. Please contact us to arrange a visit.


    Please send us your feedback!

    Colonial Plaza, Namaka
    Nadi, Fiji Islands