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Cacaofiji expands operations into VitiLevu

Our Rakiraki beans have a unique flavor

Cacaofiji op;erations at Rakiraki, Vitilevu

Cacao Fiji expanded into Rakiraki , Vitilevu in 2017. The objective is to provide a market to farmers from Rakiraki to Tailevu and help revive new farmers.

Flavor Profile

The first aroma is intense toffee with a deep sweet impression of dried fruits. These are the deep low toned fruits, not the bright acidity ones. There is also a crème brule caramelization that is a sharp tangy shot to the senses.

The flavor has that same crème brule depth of flavor. The acidity is that of fresh blackberry and counterpointed by a hop bitterness. Prune plums are in the taste along with the huge lingering mouth feel of leather and intense chocolate.
There is a great bitterness that perfectly offsets the inherent sweetness of the bean, also a gentle tang of malic acidity to keep the balance fun and lively - that blackberry flavor.
There is a natural sweetness coming from multiple directions. In this case, the description comes from the fact that at 80%, the impression is of a chocolate that is much sweeter, probably due to the real dynamic abundance of pleasant intense flavours’ that are present. It pushes all of the right buttons of what a great solid chocolate should taste like without any of the negative ones.