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CACAOFIJI 75% by OCHO Chocolate wins gold medal at NZ Chocolate Awards.

Ocho 75% Cacao Fiji Dark Chocolate  wins New Zealand’s top chocolate awards

Dreketi, Vanua Levu – (September 27, 2018) CacaoFiji is pleased to announce that their cocoa beans have won the Gold medal in the Bean to Bar Dark chocolate category at the 2018 New Zealand Chocolate Awards . The name of bar is Ocho 75% Cacao Fiji Dark Chocolate . New Zealand’s top chocolates were named after intense tasting. The judging panel comprised 15 of the country’s top food experts led by Head Judge, Elle Coco (Crocker) who assessed 135 New Zealand made chocolates. The 48 medal winners consist of 15 Gold Medals, 17 Silver Medals and 16 Bronze Medals.

“It has been a great month of awards and recognition for Cacao Fiji and the Fiji cocoa industry. It is a nice way to finish the year’s hard work winning the gold medal at the NZ Chocolate awards. Earlier this month, we won Silver and Bronze awards at the Americas International Chocolate Awards. We thank our partners OCHO,MPI and the Government of Fiji for their support in reviving Fiji’s cocoa. It has been a tough year with heavy rains earlier in the year and now the severe drought in Dreketi that is reduced our yield in half. However, we are marching knowing that we have some of the best cocoa in the world” said Arif, Founder of Cacao Fiji Ltd “. We need a lot of support right now to revive Fiji’s cocoa industry. Our model is to buy the wet seeds and cocoa pods from farmers and centrally process and monitor the beans under watchful eyes. We use technology and stringent quality control of beans to bring international standards cacao beans for chocolate companies around the world!”
Cacaofiji is the largest exporter of Fiji origin cacao beans and exports to USA, Canada, France, New Zealand and Australia. In 2015, the company was recognized as the top 50 beans at the International Cocoa Awards and have been working with farmers to revive the cocoa industry since then.
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Cacaofiji farms, process and exports Fiji origin cacao beans worldwide.

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